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September through June, 10:30 AM ...

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Join us for brunch in the Lily Dale Fire Hall ...

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Philosophy Class for anyone wishing to join the church.  ...

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Djembe drumming resumes this Thursday , November 19 at 7:30 in the Assembly Hall with George Cleese! ...

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5 - Joseph Shiel

12 - Lisa Williams

19 - Community Service


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 Patricia Bell

July Speakers

Emmy Chetkin

I think often of a day many years ago when my husband and I were with a group on the Giza plateau in Egypt. An Egyptian man dressed in the traditional galabeya came forward and introduced himself as Champion. Champion spent the day with us, and we learned of his childhood playing and working around the pyramids since the age of 7. He also told us that at one time in his younger years he had become quite reckless until one day he found inner peace.


I asked how he had managed to maintain this peace which was very evident to us as we walked the plateau. Champions answer was simple; “Don’t worry, Don’t hurry, and Don’t think too much”.


Don’t worry! Why do we worry? The short and simple answer is because we do not trust. We have put our trust in governments, in religion and in the belief that we need to “do something”. We have put our trust in the finite and exterior vision of the world that our limited vision and senses gives us. This vision and all our senses could be expanded far beyond what they are today.


We are locked into the programs handed down to us from the teachings of government, church, and familial authority. We have forgotten we are gods! We have forgotten we are here to express the energy from which we have come forth. Just for a moment bring to mind the absolute glory of vision when we are seeing with our “third eye”.


The colors vibrate and carry an intensity of hue not seen with our locked into focus physical eye. This ability of enhanced sight and hearing and structural prowess is ours and would greatly improve our life experience if only we would truly be open to let go and allow our true self to emerge.


Don’t hurry! We call this moment the present because it is a gift. Even the smallest task deserves our attention. We often rush through tasks we do not like. Hurry creates chaos and chaos makes an already unpleasant task more unpleasant. Practice moving through situations with the knowing that time is a created thing and we always have enough time for what we really want. Soon tasks become prayers and less of a drain on our energy. The energy of the universe is ours to employ. The infinite energy of life responds to a steady hand and the composed mind of one who knows who they are. We are not the white rabbit; we are spirit!


We can move through life with the confidence that all is well. It is only our interference and impatience that creates the hurry and worry of life. Remember! “In silence the world is transformed”.


Don’t think too much! My daughter believes that too much thinking is the mind anxiously trying to find its way back to the awakened and peaceful state of God. We do not get there by thinking! We get there by “being”. God is a state of mind and that state of mind is our true self. Those moments when we are blissful or “in the zone”; we cannot think them into being.


They arise spontaneously from within. Spirit does not need our thoughts to bring us to a state of grace. Even the most hardened criminal whose thought may never rise above purely physical needs can be lifted into a peak experience and his life is changed forever. Cora Richmond in her NDE tells us that as spirit enters more fully into the properties of the spirit realm, thought formsthat we have utilized on earth change.


They disappear as perception and full awareness take the place of the limitations our physical sensory world has placed on us. I do not believe we can explain our most illuminating experiences. They arrive unannounced and withoutforethought. This is why Cora and the pioneers of Spiritualism preached the necessity of goingwithin. This is why Champion told us “don’t worry, don’t hurry and don‘t think too much”!

Namaste! emmy chetkin

2016 is the year of the Red Monkey

2016 is the 4713th Chinese Year. According to Chinese Horoscope calendar, the first day of Red Monkey is on February 4, 2016. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. Most of Internet Chinese horoscope sites use Chinese New Year Day to determine the Chinese zodiac sign, which is wrong. Chinese New Year Day of Red Monkey Year is on February 8, 2016. 

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